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Tree of Life Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching.
Welcome to My Site 


Do you sometimes feel like something is missing in your life;

perhaps you feel unfulfilled​ed, stuck, or anxious?...
You have got to a stage where outwardly you're successful,

yet something is "off" on the inside?

It doesn't need to be that way! 

What's the benefit of giving up on yourself?
What makes you feel alive? What are the moments in your life that really make you feel alive, rather than just surviving or struggling through? 

Sometimes making the first step is the hardest one... But it's worth to remember that everything, however big or small, always starts with that first step that needs to be taken...

I believe that life coaching combined with NLP and hypnosis can be an amazingly effective tool to achieve more of the potential that we all possess.
It can be used to improve a person’s general functioning, making a dramatic difference in lifestyle, success, and feeling of being fulfilled and alive.
Wellbeing is a natural state of mind, and a wonderful way to take control of your life.
Make that first step and give yourself the chance you deserve. 

Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coach in Watford, London and surrounding areas
I know you are wondering
I know you believe
I know you've come h
ere for a purpose 
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I have had several sessions and I can highly recommend both Renata and NLP for anyone looking to make progress on unresolved issues. I finish each session having made progress and feeling so different.


Renata is kind compassionate and an incredible support. She really spots what needs to be done and finds a way to help you to make progress. You will not regret booking a slot. Start the rest of your life today.


I had 2 NLP sessions with Renata so far. Both sessions left me feeling much more peaceful and clear about the next steps I needed to take in order to achieve my goals. I felt more confidence in myself and a clarity of mind, both of which were lacking before the session.  Thank you Renata.

P. Livingston

Hypnotherapy, life coaching, NLP, hypnosis, hypnotherapist

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