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Core Transformation Therapy -
Profound Lifechange 

A healing process of core transformation at the level of your very existence  

Core Transformation Therapy, What is it? Is it for me?

Core Transformation is a gentle and powerful method for overcoming limitation and gaining greater well-being, helping you to make meaningful progress in areas of your life that matter to you most. 


When you embark on the Core Transformation journey, the changes you experience aren’t just temporary moments of relief; they’re profound shifts that touch every aspect of your life, even areas of life you are not aware of at first, but might be struggling with. 


Unlike methods that offer a temporary relief, only to leave you back where you started, Core Transformation dives deep, addressing the root causes of your challenges. 

With the help of hypnotherapy and NLP, the change is profound, life-changing and lasting.


Is it really effective?

Absolutely. It’s a method backed by decades of research, testimonials, and countless success stories. It’s a tried-and-true approach that has stood the test of time. It has transformed the lives of thousands of people in dozens of countries. Also, it does not come with the side effects of either drugs prescribed by your doctor and the pain brought up through more traditional talking therapies.

How Does Core Transformation Work?

Core Transformation is a unique journey that guides you to the very depth of your being, a place we refer to as the “Core State.” This isn’t just another level of consciousness; it’s a profound space of peace, presence, and love that resides within all of us – even if we struggle to believe it at certain times.

It’s from this place that you really have the power to reshape your perceptions, beliefs, and behaviours. Instead of applying temporary fixes or surface-level adjustments, Core Transformation helps you make shifts from the inside out.

The first time someone reaches a Core State, it is often a life-changing experience in itself. It’s a depth of feeling that many people never knew they were capable of having.

Specific changes attributed to the Core Transformation process include:

  • Changing problem emotions and behaviors (i.e. anger, self-consciousness, procrastination, fear)

  • Losing weight

  • Improving relationships

  • Overcoming depression and anxiety

  • Healing addictions

  • Finding fulfilling work

  • Improving all aspects of health

  • Creating an overall sense of inner peace, wholeness, and well-being

  • Self-Image and limiting believes 

  • Negative habits

  • Other categories


If you can say ‘Yes’ to the following questions, it means the Core Transformation Therapy

might be the right answer for you:

  • Would you like to improve your self-esteem?

  • Do you lack a sense of who you are?

  • Do you get stuck in an unpleasant emotion or mood, such as feeling down, anger, rage, grief, jealousy, grief, fear, worry, loneliness, emptiness, intimidation?

  • Do you have difficulty feeling your emotions?

  • Are you or have you been a victim of physical, sexual, mental, emotional or spiritual abuse?

  • Do you find yourself behaving in ways that are self-defeating?

  • Do you experience a lot of inner conflict?

  • Do you tend to fixate on something, or notice a repeated thought pattern(s) that isn’t useful for you?

  •  Do you have difficulties with eating, such as overeating, food craving or aversions? Do you ‘fight with yourself’ about what to eat or how much to eat?

  • Do you have ‘nervous’ habits or mannerisms, such as biting your fingers or fingernails, drumming the table, ‘nervous laugh’, etc.?

  • Is it difficult for you to ask for what you want? Do you sometimes say you agree with others, even if you don’t really agree?

  • Is your attention usually on pleasing others? Do you do things for others at your own expense? Are you willing to do almost anything to gain the love and approval of others? 

  • Do you often avoid being with people? Do you ever feel unsafe around people who are not a threat to you? 

  • When with other people, are you reluctant or afraid to fully ‘be yourself’? In intimate relationships, do you find yourself pulling back from the other person to avoid intimacy? 

  • Do you have difficult being ‘present’ with another person?

  • Are you afraid that you will be abandoned? 

  • Is it difficult for you to trust anyone? Do you often assume that others have evil motives?

  • Do you usually want to be the one in charge? Does it anger you when people do things you can’t control?

  • Does it upset you when someone else seems to be on a power trip?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable when someone else is getting all the attention? 

  • Do you get into arguments about ‘who’s right’? Do you cling to your position, even if it’s clear to you that the other person is right? Is it difficult to admit that you made a mistake? 

  • Do you tend to blame yourself for other people’s mistakes or feelings? Do you sometimes judge yourself for making mistakes? Is it difficult to forgive yourself?

  • Is it incredibly important that others think well of you? Are you tempted to stretch the truth or even lie, in order to maintain a positive image? 

  • Is it difficult to accept yourself unless you are ‘perfect’?

  • Are you overly critical of your behaviour when you make small mistakes?

  • Are you abusive towards others?

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