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Pain Management 

Welcome to our Pain Management with hypnosis Therapy.

Our program offers a natural and effective way to manage pain without the use of medication. Hypnosis has been shown to reduce pain, improve sleep, and increase overall well-being

Pain Managment Therapy

This therapy is for You if you suffer from chronic pain.

You may have a pain for a specific reason, or may just have a general pain associated with a certain situation or an age, or you may have been diagnosed with chronic pain disorder.

The benefits:

The Pain Management Therapy I offer is an effective way of helping my clients to cope with pain.

The strategies help you to get control over the pain, rather than allowing the pain to control you.

Chronic pain is life limiting; once you learn how to deal with it, it is like getting control over your life back. 

Hypnosis is a well recognised method by the medical community for dealing with pain.

Why is it different from other therapies?

Often people try to “fight” the pain, avoid it and tense up against the pain. This tension may make the pain worse than it otherwise would be. Welcoming the pain, and paying more attention to it, is a first step in reducing it.

Step by step I take you through stages where you learn and start gaining control over your pain, rather than pain controlling you.

Once you go through the therapy with me it is possible to become medication free.

This may sound implausible, but I have examples of clients who were previously on multiple medication being diagnosed with chronic pain, suffering for multiple decades, where the doctors (pain specialists) made them believe that they needed to live with the pain for life. They are now completely medication free and able to control pain with the powers of their mind, using the strategies gained during the therapy. 


Before starting the treatment it is advisable to seek medical attention first.

The Packages:

- Package No I, general pain, individual 1 to 1 sessions with me, each session

approximately 1 hour. 

The price is £110 per session, to be paid in full prior to each session.  

- Package No II, significant pain, which can take several sessions, and are unlikely to be solved in just 1 session. Initially it's 3 sessions, the price £330, which need to to paid in full prior to beginning of the therapy.

Follow up or monthly refresher sessions are possible, each session £110.

- Package No III, chronic pain. Likely to take at least 6 sessions.

Payment of £660 for first 6 sessions required upfront, followed with payment of £200 for additional 2 sessions if needed.

After completing the full 6 + 2 sessions therapy, monthly top up £90 per session possible.

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