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‘As fish swim in a water, people swim in dreams every single night.’ Dreams & Hypnotherapy

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

What’s happening with us at night when we go to sleep? We go to bed, we go to sleep, and all of the chaos, the overwhelm we’re experiencing during the day, our mind literally sorts it out bit by bit, in a form of our dreams. Filing those various things where they belong, so we wake up in the morning so that the complexity of the previous day could be simplified, and we can start over again. Our minds are doing incredibly productive things every single night.

You might not remember a single thing in the morning – that’s when people say ‘I never dream’, but the reality is every one of us is dreaming every single night.

Memory consolidation is what brains do at night, in order to make life more efficient. From all of the tasks of the day so we can start fresh every day.

That is because our brains like the ideas of patterns and similarity. Our minds are always looking for relationship between one thing and another. And, it’s looking specifically to categorise things together, to group them in a certain way. Looking for things that are similar.

Therefore, people are looking for patterns everywhere, like patterns in emotions, patterns in behaviours, or even patterns in a wallpaper. This is because this way things can be grouped together in the brain. The similarities become something that we then recognise, that is familiar to us, which drives our motivation and engagement in the world we have around us. This helps us to recognise patterns and order in many aspects of our daily lives and is even used by ‘Citizen Science Projects’ as humans can even spot patterns that computers cannot.

This also works for our emotions. Emotionally we tend to bond with those who are similar to us. Hence, the human tendency to group together, like people sharing the same hobby or ideas. Or, for example, the alcoholic AA groups – getting together to solve a common problem.

So. What holds us back from success in life? There is no simple answer or solution that could be applied to everyone. What we have in common though is the incredible, beautiful brain, capable of doing amazing things. There is still not a computer or AI that can much the human brain. But, the experience of every one of us shapes the brain in a different way. Therefore, the solution must be tailored individually. There is no one golden rule that can suit everyone and sort us all out.

My clients can draw from all of my knowledge of neuroscience, NLP strategies, strengthened by the use of hypnotherapy, which can be utilised to make powerful transformations, enabling a step into a new chapter of your life.

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