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Hypnotherapy & The Gift and the Power of Now

Updated: Jan 8

Yesterday is a history… Tomorrow is a mystery… All we have is the Present, the here and now. That’s why it’s a Gift.

In Western society we see the Mind & the Body differently, separately. What we don’t realise though is that the Mind is actually in every cell of our body. The connections therefore, between mental thought and the physical experience, between the physical experience and the emotional thought are interconnected. What it means is that we can only function emotionally as we function physically. And we struggle to function physically if we are not fit emotionally.

My goal and the work I do is not to help people with inadequate level of functioning and help them become adequate. That’s what psychotherapies do.

What I do is helping people who are functioning to raise to a state of peak performance, utilising the wonderful tool of Hypnotherapy, NLP and/or Core Transformation Therapy. It is also an approach that is more gentle, it does not result in lengthy therapy and burnout. Instead, in just a few sessions it results in excitement and looking forward to the future.

If you want to know more about hypnotherapy or any other therapies I offer, simply get in touch.

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