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Have you ever seen a Librarian with piles of books on his desk? Let me tell you about that Librarian – the Filing System of our Brain in Action.

Imagine a busy Librarian working in his huge, old library, all day long. Some people pop in to get books, magazines, documents, or something else, whereas the others come back to return all those books. Or, whatever it is they’ve borrowed before. Busy place.


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The Library to fit its purpose at all, a certain order obviously needs to be maintained.

So, the old Librarian, when his Library closes the doors, works tirelessly, all and every night long, to sort out those books and magazines carefully, nicely, and neatly, so that it’s ready and easy to use for us the next day.


Thinking of our brain and what happens there when we go to sleep, you can imagine that busy Library.

Our brain – like this obedient, devoted Librarian, working all night long, for everyone to be able to easily find whatever they need the very next morning already - does the same service when we go to sleep.

The elements of our every day, whether we have been at work, school or the beach, might litter the brain – like specific books not being in order along miles of shelving, or being piled up without any order, somewhere there, on the Librarian’s desk.


During the night’s sleep the brain (the hippocampus in particular) is able to sort all those experiences out, neatly organise and link together, so that they are available for us to reach out for whenever we might to need them again.

Amazingly, whatever it is that we might not need or use any more, damaged or broken, the Librarian is able to get rid of or fix it at the same time.

Our brain, after a good and restful night sleep, is like this Library, where we can go down the relevant aisle and select the appropriate book easily and effortlessly.


Now, imagine this Librarian didn’t do his job properly as he was too busy to deal with all the constantly arriving books, piling up and messing his desk enormously. And, even worse, the same thing happening for a few nights in a row or longer. What a chaos it would be in that library!


That is what happens in the brain when it does not receive enough sleep. You become tired, cannot concentrate, cannot learn or remember anything, stop enjoying life, things annoy you more and more. You can’t quite retrieve those memories and literally feel like someone or something else.


Deep sleep is important for your brain. If the brain is overloaded constantly with problems and blockages, it’s not going to be able to come up with solutions to the issues you are experiencing.


But, here is a little gift from me to you which could help somewhat, if you are experiencing stress, worry, troubled thoughts of some kind, anxiety or a sleeping problem.

Sign up to get my Freebie – a free Relaxing Hypnosis audio which you can use whenever you want a moment of relaxation, or feel a need to do so.

Simply get comfortable, close your eyes if you want to, relax, and enjoy.  

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