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Stress & Anxiety

This therapy is for You if you often feel distressed or anxious, or in a low mood.

Perhaps you have tried other things and nothing seems to be working for you.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression Therapy Page

 Therapy benefits:

The therapy I offer is an effective way of helping people to cope with stress and anxiety by undergoing a process that will help you relax (probably deeper than you have been for a long time) and focus your mind.

You will be able to first identify the destructive thinking patterns giving you stress and anxiety, and then empowered to replace with positive, resourceful mental frameworks.

That's because our minds are incredibly powerful. If your mind (or brain) is causing you to worry or overthink, it can also work with you to stop it. 

My approach is tailored to your individual needs, ensuring that you receive the best possible care.

Why is it different from other therapies? 

With proven techniques and personalised approach, I can help you take control of your thoughts and emotions, and find the peace and balance you deserve.

You understand even better what the core of your unique personality is, which is often difficult to see first. By understanding yourself first you are then able to start building a healthier and a happier relationship with your mind and be more happy with yourself.

This helps you to feel better not only straight after each session, but the changes stay with you for life. 

The Packages:

- Package No I, individual therapy 1 to 1 with me, each session approximately 75min.

The price is £660 for 6 sessions, to be paid in full prior to beginning of the therapy.

Depending on the situation some extra sessions might be needed.

Monthly refresher sessions possible.

- Package No II, weekly group sessions, 8 weeks, each session approximately 1 hour.

The price £376, possible to paid in full prior to beginning of the therapy or weekly

before each session.

Follow up 1 to 1 sessions with me possible.

- Package No III, bring a friend and you get a discount of £7 per session, included within the 8 weeks group sessions package.

Total price for you and the friend £320 each, payment conditions like package no II.

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