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Featured Program: 8-Week Weight Managment Group with Hypnosis

Transform Your Life Without Dieting – Just £40 per Session!

Welcome to
Weight Managment Group
with Hypnosis

Are you tired of restrictive diets and ineffective weight loss plans?

Our 8-week weight loss group harnesses the power of hypnosis to help you achieve lasting results without the need for dieting.

Led by experienced hypnotherapists, our program is designed to help you make meaningful changes in your eating habits and relationship with food.

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What We Offer:


  • 8 Weekly Sessions: Each session is designed to help you unlock the power of your mind to achieve your weight loss goals.

  • Expert Hypnotherapist: Our sessions are led by a certified and experienced hypnotherapist specializing in weight loss.

  • No Diet Needed: Hypnosis helps you naturally change your eating habits and relationship with food without restrictive diets.

  • Affordable Price: Each session is only £40, making this an accessible solution for everyone.

The Venue: The Oak House in Hatfield 

Our weight loss hypnosis sessions are held at The Oak House, a serene wellness studio located within the picturesque grounds of Hatfield House. The Oak House is an oasis of calm, offering a perfect setting for relaxation and transformation.

Here’s what makes The Oak House special:

  • Historic Charm: Set in an old church hall dating back to 1869, The Oak House combines historic charm with modern wellness facilities.

  • Beautiful Surroundings: Nestled within the lush, expansive grounds of Hatfield House, the studio provides a tranquil environment that promotes well-being and inner peace.

  • Comprehensive Wellness Services: In addition to our hypnosis sessions, The Oak House offers a variety of wellness services including yoga, Pilates, and holistic therapies.

For more information about The Oak House, visit their website.

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Why Hypnosis for
Weight Loss and Management?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that helps you tap into your subconscious mind, promoting lasting changes in your habits and mindset.


With hypnosis, you can:

- Reduce cravings and emotional eating

- Increase motivation for physical activity

- Improve self-control and portion management

- Enhance overall well-being and confidence

What to Expect:

1. Introduction to Hypnosis: Learn how hypnosis works and its benefits for weight loss.

2. Personalised Hypnosis Sessions: Each session is tailored to address your specific challenges and goals.

3. Supportive Group Environment: Share experiences and support each other in a positive and encouraging setting.

4. Weekly Progress Tracking: Monitor your progress and make adjustments to stay on track.

5. Long-Term Success: Gain tools and techniques to maintain your weight loss and healthy habits beyond the program.

Session Details:

  • Location: The Oak House, a wellness studio set within the beautiful grounds of Hatfield House.

  • Time: Every Friday at 7pm for 8 weeks, starting 18th October

  • Cost: £40 per session, £320 in total

  • Numbers of Attendees limited to 12 persons per Group 

Success Stories:

Hear from our satisfied clients who have transformed their lives with our weight loss hypnosis program.

"I never thought weight loss could be this easy and enjoyable. Hypnosis has changed my relationship with food and boosted my confidence. Highly recommend!" – Sarah, 35

"I’ve tried every diet out there, but nothing worked long-term. This program was a game-changer. The support and hypnosis sessions were exactly what I needed." – Mark, 42

"The hypnosis sessions were so relaxing, and I saw results quickly. It’s incredible how changing my mindset made such a difference in my eating habits." – Emma, 29

"Joining this group was the best decision I’ve made for my health. The techniques I learned have stayed with me, and I feel more in control of my choices." – John, 37

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