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What’s Wrong with Me? How NLP Therapy can help to answer this question.

Updated: Mar 31

NLP is a beautiful internal journey to explore our here and now, oriented towards the future. Finding solutions and ways to become “unstuck” and therefore move forward with life.

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NLP Therapy

It’s a system of understanding how we all create our own world and how we can make changes in our inner world, in a way that is unique to each of us. Every one of us is different from everyone else, behaving differently even if in the same situation.

By using NLP not only people change behaviours, but also their thinking patterns and emotional responses. NLP therapy allows access to areas of our mind we are normally not able to access on our own.

The examples of what NLP therapy can change are vast.

It can be used with any major clinical diagnosis related to patient’s mental health wellbeing, especially if enforced by or used in conjunction with other techniques, like hypnosis. (More on what NLP can help with can be found going to this link:


It doesn’t mean that just in 1 session major life issues can be ‘fixed’.

Therapy is a process, similarly like depression or anxiety is a process too; they are not one event related outcomes. Therefore, it also takes a process for the brain to recover from any traumatic experiences, and the change happens in stages.


Most people find NLP very useful when dealing with significant difficulties in life. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a serious psychological matter or a simpler issue, using NLP therapy it is possible to change what is important for us to change.


It also helps you to discover what is it you want from life, as often coming to therapy we do not understand what is actually wrong in our lives, ‘what’s wrong with me?’, what’s missing.


NLP therapy, having a transformational effect, certainly helps us to find all the answers and much more.


Reach out to start your recovery journey.

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