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Overeating - The Sinner Life. What is emotional eating and why diets don’t work?

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Overeating, emotional eating, obesity, hypnosis for obesity
Overeating and emotional eating

Are overeating and emotional eating related?

Diet’s don’t work because most people think of diets like something painful. We think of the end result as pleasure, but the journey along the way is pain. Now, how easy it is to give something up that it’s painful?

- ‘I don’t know if you know, but the definition of insanity (according to Einstein) is doing something over and over again and hoping for different results. Do you feel insane sometimes?

- Diets remind us about something that ‘died’. Weight loss using diets is about missing something important that your body craves, as if it died for us forever. And you morn. And we call it a ‘diet weight management’

- When you are on diet you might also feel a bit like someone deprived of something. Because everyone around in the house can eat everything they want, and you can basically eat ‘the bird food’. So, we feel different than everyone else around

- Some diets can get you counting points, which in fact has an opposite effect, making you think about food all the time. What the points counting system causes? – depression

- The liar life – when you basically drink shakes and smoothies, you are not even chewing your food (as per some diets). Lying to yourself that you are actually eating stands against our human nature – means not a happy life

- The sinner life – with some diets, once a week, you are allowed to have a cheat day, and sin. How exciting does it actually feel to be able to sin, and with food… and have a happy sinner life?...

The only working way of losing weight and be able to manage emotional eating for life is the one based on science. By understanding how the brain, gut and our digestive system communicate, and how our emotions impact our lifestyle and emotional eating or overeating, we are able to make the change.

When this communication system is out of balance, major health problems can appear, including digestive disorders, obesity, depression, anxiety, food sensitivities, allergies, and fatigue.

The approach I offer is helping my clients to escape from the unsatisfying cycle of emotional eating to replace frustration. Emotional eating as self-medication with food. The therapy is designed to bring about a lasting change – a gentle breakthrough to transform your body, your relationship with food, and your entire life.

Stop eating your emotions, start living them.

Have a satisfying life, the life we all deserve.

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