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"The Influence of Our Unconscious Mind on Decision Making: Riding the Elephant"

Updated: Mar 31

What is one thing you have struggled to change that keeps you from living your best life? Do you wonder sometimes what this might be? That, there is something about you that might be influencing your life, but you don’t actually know what this thing might be?

Do you even understand yourself?


Trying to understand our conscious and unconscious mind, how it works and why it even matters, try to imagine you ride a big elephant. You are a very skilled rider indeed. The mighty elephant always follows your instructions, goes wherever you want it to go, do what you want it to do, and is available any time you want it. And, it’s all yours! What a nice thing to have an elephant like this, isn’t it.


So, imagine you’ve come to a river, and you want the elephant to cross the river. But, the elephant suddenly believes there is a crocodile sitting in the river. Now, do you believe the elephant – no matter how skilful an elephant rider you are – would you even get close to the river bank? However persuasive you might be, trying to encourage the elephant to do what it does not want to, you are bound to fail. Simply, the elephant is much stronger than you.


And, this is a good reflection, a metaphor, of how the conscious and unconscious mind work together. Like the elephant rider, your conscious mind runs your current life events, but the real power sits in the mighty subconscious mind, your elephant.


Most people have something they want to change. But, they struggle to make any lasting change. If they lose weight, they gain it back. If they end a toxic relationship, they find another toxic relationship. They promise to manage money better, but die in poverty.

Every day people learn new ways of living better, only to get back to the old ways relatively quickly. This is why the gyms are packed from New Year’s day until February and why most New Year’s resolutions fail.


Is there hope to change this predictable state of failure in almost every persons’ experience?


Yes! And the pathway is learning to get control over your unconscious mind.


The unconscious is the part of our brain, the intellect, which refers to the part of your mind that is inaccessible to conscious thought. It includes thoughts, memories, desires, urges, and impulses which we are not aware of but can influence our relationships, behaviours, emotions -  our whole life.

The unconscious plays a crucial role in almost every single action, behaviour, habit, decision and experience we have. It is literally the director of the conscious mind. Think about your finances, emotions, health, and even career.


There is a good news here though. There is lots of research showing that the pathways for change comes from consciously developing new processes, new pathways, developing subliminal perception, harnessing implicit memory, and hypnosis.


Would you like help with this? Click the link to go to my website to see all of the possibilities available to help you actualise this change. Get in touch.

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