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Understanding the Connection Between Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness

Updated: Apr 4

No matter when we have been and what difficulties we have endured in life, the only moment we can really impact in life is THIS moment.

It is our past experiences that are bringing us to where we are right now, what we do and who we are. Nevertheless, it is also us who has the ability, at any time, to go forward from this point in time, and in any direction that we want to, using the skill that the research overwhelmingly shows as useful. The skill of practicing mindfulness.

What is mindfulness? There is lots of debate on mindfulness. In general, it is often referred as meditation, or something similar to it.

In hypnotherapy, we are not really interested by those debates. What we recognise though is that hypnosis is a large umbrella with plenty of things underneath it, and mindfulness definitely belongs to one of those things. This is because it can be used to pay attention to this present moment, dissociating clients from the previous traumas or the fears of the future, and as such it is a valuable tool and technique in hypnosis.

So, mindfulness definitely is a skill, or a technique. It is a skill of paying a full attention to the present moment. The reason why this is a skill is the way our brains are actually wired. They are designed to scan the brain for prediction of the future, based on our previous experiences, and to come up with a solution that is going to keep us safe. If combined with hypnotherapy, the result is stronger and deeper.

They say that for alcoholics and drug addicts, alcohol and drugs are a problem. But, the reality for alcoholics and drug addicts is that they use the alcohol or drugs actually as solutions. The substances provide them with some space to deal with all those traumas that they struggle do deal with. However, in fact they cause more trauma for the person to resolve. A never-ending cycle.

Mindfulness (to some extend) has a similar ability to help a person to cope with issues without the negative impact associated with those substances. It provides the space between the person and their traumas, although in a rather different, healthier way.

It allows us to emerge fully in the present, despite the difficulty we’ve come from, the regrets that we have, the abused situations we’ve been through, and with no judgment. It allows us then to set a new course for the future we wish for, based on learning how to harness the power of the present moment, to create a lasting transformation.

The hypnotherapy mindfulness therefore is a well-documented strategy, supported by the research in stress reduction, acceptance of yourself, addictions, and others, that can support you to go through many difficult times in life.

How can one capture control over their life and use it for the better future?

How the very change within us, the change of life happens?

It happens by seizing a control over this very moment in time and being mindful.

The mantra here is: “One Day at a Time”.


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